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Coconut Water for Health and Healing

By Bruce Fife, N.D.

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Size:  5 1/2 x 8 1/2


Page Count:  223

ISBN:   978-0-941599-66-5

Paperback Price:  $15.95




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E-book Edition: $11.95

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Coconut water is a refreshing beverage that comes from coconuts. Itís a powerhouse of nutrition containing a complex blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, carbohydrates, antioxidants, enzymes, health enhancing growth hormones, and other phytonutrients.


Because its electrolyte (ionic mineral) content is similar to human plasma, it has gained international acclaim as a natural sports drink for oral rehydration. As such, it has proven superior to commercial sports drinks. Unlike other beverages, it is completely compatible with the human body, in so much that it can be infused directly into the bloodstream. In fact, doctors have used coconut water successfully as an intravenous fluid for over 60 years.


Coconut waterís unique nutritional profile gives it the power to balance body chemistry, ward off disease, fight cancer, and retard aging. History and folklore credit coconut water with remarkable healing powers, which medical science is now confirming. Published medical research and clinical observation have shown that coconut water:

  • Makes an excellent oral rehydration sports beverage

  •  Aids in exercise performance

  •  Reduces swelling in hands and feet

  •  Aids in kidney function and dissolves kidney stones

  •  Protects against cancer

  •  Helps balance blood sugar in diabetics

  •  Provides a source of ionic trace minerals

  •  Improves digestion

  •  Contains nutrients that feed friendly gut bacteria

  •  Helps relieve constipation

  •  Reduces risk of heart disease

  •  Improves blood circulation

  •  Lowers high blood pressure

  •  Improves blood cholesterol levels

  •  Helps prevent atherosclerosis

  •  Prevents abnormal blood clotting

  •  Possesses anti-aging properties

  •  Restores strength and elasticity to skin

  •  Reduces discolored aging spots on skin

  •  Reduces wrinkles and sagging skin

  •  Enhances healing of wounds and lesions

  •  Supports good vision and prevents glaucoma

  •  Contains potent antioxidants

  •  Enhances immune function






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